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Old Town Needlework Heart Club

Team Smyrna Breast Cancer Research Projects

This club was designed to raise funds for fighting heart disease as well as awareness that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. We have worked with 25 designers to create a catalog of 27 unique, creative, and fun projects. Proceeds from these canvases will benefit the American Heart Association.

Additional goals of this club are to encourage women to stop a few minutes each day and spend a little time doing something they love, and to share our love of stitching with others. This may mean teaching a friend how to stitch or giving them a small keepsake that you have made. Many of these projects are small and designed to be given to special friends and family, or kept as a special treat for yourself. Take the time to thank and say how much you love those special people that are part of your life. Remember, the best way to have a healthy heart is to give a piece of it away to those you love.

This club is designed for you to choose your projects from our Heart Club catalog. All you have to do is pick 12. You may pick as many as you'd like, but 12 is the starting point for earning club benefits. Each canvas is specially priced for club members and includes a stitch guide. The club is structured for stitchers to receive at least one project a month, but scheduling is adaptable.

Here are pictures of the selections in our Heart Club catalog. The prices listed include the specially priced canvas and stitch guide. We will be kitting projects as well, so let us know how we may be of best assistance to you. If you would like to purchase the projects without joining the club, the price will be an additional $5-$10, depending upon the project and all stitch guides are available for purchase.

Heart Basket

Heart Basket,
by Julia's Needleworks

Canvas, crystal beaded handle, and stitch guide

Heart Club Catalog

Terry Medaris's Rainbow Heart
by Sundance Designs

Canvas and stitch guide

Love Heart
by a collection of designs

Canvas and stitch guide

Heart Bookmark
by Associated Talents

Canvas and stitch guide
Heart Frog
by the collection

Canvas and stitch guide
Heart Belt
by Susan Roberts

Canvas and stitch guide
Little Shoppe
Heart of Stitches

Canvas and stitch guide

This large heart project will be taught as a summer class series as well as being featured as a monthly selection.
Mindy's Framed Rainbow Heart
in an antique gold frame
by Mindy

Canvas, stitch guide, frame, and gift bag
Grandmother's Heart
by Kathy Schenkel

Canvas, stitch guide,
and feet for box
DiDi's Heart Jewelry Pouch
by Lee Designs

Canvas, stitch guide, jewelry pouch $58.00
Heart Petit Four
by Melissa Shirley

Canvas and stitch guide
Belt and Shoes
by Julia's Needleworks

Belt canvas and stitch guide

Canvas for shoes and stitch guide

Set of both canvases with stitch guides
by the Studio

Canvas,Ribbon for skirt, stitch guide and beads

Note: The hanger is part of the finishing.
Four Hearts
by Elements

Four hearts painted in a horizontal row on one canvas (we cut them apart to give away to friends).

Different stitches are used for each background. Each heart measures 4"x4".

Canvas, stitch guide, and soy luster fibers   

Folk Art Santa

Folk Heart Santa
by Shelly Tribbey

Canvas and stitch guide

Have a Heart Angel

Have a Heart Angel
by Design Gallery

Red Bird

Red Bird
by Cheryl Schaeffer

Canvas, stitch guide, and stand

Triple Heart Angel

Triple Heart Angel
by Stitch-its

Canvas and stitch guide